Hello Facebook Friends!

Thanks to everyone who has made it here by finding us on Facebook. Just a note that the blog is very much a work in progress (much like we are, as individuals!), so make sure you pop back in from time to time to see what's new as we iron out the kinks and clean up the past posts.

ALSO: All posts were originally shared at YouCaring, so if the way something is worded doesn't make sense, or it all seems familiar to you, that's probably why. :)

BUT since you're here... 

Here's a short adoption update: we had to make videos to send to the kids this weekend. And I do mean "had to" because I thought we were either going to end in tears, or end up with something that would cause the kids to cry. It's safe to say that both Peter and I should stay away from the front of a camera, because we either turn into hams, or we freeze, or we just end up mad because we're tripping all over ourselves as we try to figure out what to say. It wasn't pretty... but in the end, we managed to make two short videos all around my love of books. Gotta start somewhere, right?

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