Hurry Up and Wait

That's the phase of the adoption process that we are in now, and most days we're fine with that. But there are times when we look at each other and say, "Okay, we're ready for SOMETHING to happen!" So while I don't have an exciting update for you this week on the actual, "we're approved for the kids" side of things, I did want to share something on a more personal level, to illustrate how our God who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, also knows our needs.

Over the last week, both Peter and I have had the opportunity to experience God's assurance of provision for His story on separate occasions. A week ago I couldn't sleep, my mind racing from one "but we'll need..." to another, contemplating the upcoming costs and thinking about the slowdown in both of our workloads which means smaller paychecks at a time when we really could use larger ones. I admit it - I was fretting. But only momentarily, for in that moment of focusing on what I could do to pay for these things, God reminded me that HE was in control. He knows what we need, when we need it, and how it will show up... and I needed to trust Him. I confessed my worry and doubt, thanked Him for what He was going to do, and went promptly to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and told Peter about my middle-of-the-night experiences; before he left for work we prayed about our needs, and asked God to provide in His time. That afternoon we received two large donations from unexpected sources through our YouCaring account. I literally started laughing out loud - God really DOES have a sense of humor, and an infinite amount of patience with His impatient kids. 

This week it was Peter's turn to lie awake thinking about upcoming fees and expenses, reviewing bank account balances and wondering how we were going to make it all work. The next morning it was my turn to remind him that God knew all of that when He wrote this story for us, and that our job was to be obedient, to exercise faith, to be good stewards of what we were entrusted with, and to remember that God is in control... we are not. Once again, we prayed about it before he left for work and that afternoon - you can't make this stuff up - I found a card in our mailbox containing a check for $200 and a note of encouragement. Later that day, a notice came in about a $100 donation. And once again I chuckled at God's timing, and then belted out "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" while warming up my lunch. To GOD be the Glory!

God IS faithful. God IS providing. God IS taking care of our needs... not before we need them, but as we need them. #iamthankful

FINANCIAL UPDATE: As of today, we are just $75 short of the $6,000 mark! We are humbled and blessed and thank everyone who has shared this story and joined us on the journey. God is using you in our lives. He is using you to remind us that we are not an island, we are part of a community. Now, as introverts we might have a hard time with that... but He's working on us. :) 

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