Financial Update

We're so close to reaching the $5,000 mark (just $260 away) - AMAZING! The timing of this experience - opening ourselves up to the world, sharing God's story for our lives, hearing from so many of you, seeing you share this link on social, and being blessed by your financial gifts - was not a coincidence. God knew what we needed before we did - just like He always does. We have been blessed, encouraged, and humbled - in the best way. Thank you for being a part of this journey!

ANOTHER WAY TO JOIN US: Buy a book. In 2010 we published a children's book that Peter wrote when he was in high school. "Mashed Potatoes: A Little Brother Story" is available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle, or you can purchase it directly from the publisher (full disclosure: we earn $1.90 if you buy the paperback from Amazon, $3.75 if you buy from CreateSpace - an Amazon company). We thought it was only appropriate that all sales from this book would go towards bringing home these 4 sisters and their "surprise" Little Brother. :)  Links below...

Amazon: bit.ly/LittleBrotherBook
CreateSpace: createspace.com/3456887
Follow us on Facebook: facebook.com/littlebrotherstories/

*ADOPTION UPDATE* This past Monday we finally met with our new social worker to open the home study back up. Although we were both hesitant before she arrived (you can imagine - based on our 19 months, and 6 and 8 hour meetings that happened the first time), but within a few minutes of her arrival we knew it was God orchestrated. The personality match was outstanding, she really "got" us, and we really liked her. Thanks to those who prayed, and thanks to God for - once again - knowing what we needed and providing for us. She's been working on updating the home study this week (which she says will be done by tomorrow), and then it goes back to the agency to review, and then sent (along with a check from us) to U.S. Immigration for review and approval on the changes. We're still waiting to hear from Costa Rica about official acceptance, so we're far from done, but things are progressing. :)

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