Good News/Bad News

Wow - a week goes by quickly, doesn't it? :) Happy Friday!

ADOPTION UPDATE: We had good news and bad news in the last 7 days. The good news is that we're on our way to total approval by Costa Rica for adoption, with approvals received this week from the in-country social worker and psychologist (that's right - we're NOT crazy!). ;) 

The bad news isn't really bad, just a little hiccup with the revisions on our U.S. Immigration paperwork, but we're back on track now and waiting for that to be finalized so we can send them to the adoption agency to be apostilled and then sent on to Costa Rica. We *think* the next step from there is final approval, and then an official match (it feels like we've already had that for several months now, since we know about the kids!), and then the kids are finally told that we exist. It's getting real!

And speaking of REAL...

The last month has been tough. 
I've mentioned before that Peter and I are both planners (and maybe a little "Type A"), so the inability to plan (to secure a rental in country, checking ticket prices, not even knowing dates that we'll be gone) has been wearing us down. Add to that a lot of changes in our life (outside of the adoption), financial pressures, and the possibility of planning a big (for us) fundraiser, and we've both lost our cool a few times. 

The good news is that God is faithful. He's been showing us that just because *we* can't see the bigger picture, doesn't mean *He* has stopped writing it. :) As different plans have fallen through, He's provided clarity that a better plan is forming. As worries about finances surface, He reminds one (or both) of us that we don't need to worry about tomorrow - we just need to be faithful stewards today. Whether it's slowdowns at work or feeling pressure to finish *all the projects* before we leave, God has been using each event to remind us that HE is in control, and this is HIS story. So much to learn, so grateful for the opportunity. 

* Pray that we would keep our eyes on Jesus at all times.
* Pray that the finances would come in when we need them.
* Pray for wisdom as we work with friends to plan a fundraiser.
* Pray for our kids as we get closer to the relationship being two-sided. :)  

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