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THIS WEEK IN THE ADOPTION REALM... We packed up a box of paperwork and gifts and shopped it off to the adoption agency in Alabama. The paperwork is to move things forward with USCIS (U.S. Immigration) now that we have been officially matched with the kids. This includes more I-800 paperwork for their immigration, as well as I-864 paperwork for each of them (which also does something with immigration - my head spins when I try to understand it all, so #iamthankful that PETER has been dealing with it all, filling it all out and telling me where to sign). The GIFTS are for the agency to send down to Costa Rica for the lawyer/social worker in country to deliver to the kids from us, so that will be our first contact with them. :) 

TRAVEL UPDATE... We still don't have an actual date for travel, but the agency is still talking August (early-mid), so we've started looking at house and car rental costs for while we're down there (without being able to book anything yet). The cost for that is coming up to approximately $4000 from what we can tell (based on the assumption that it won't take longer than 6 weeks in country - though it could take up to 8 weeks). 

FINANCIAL UPDATE... We received another $400 this week, putting us closer to our $20k goal. The timing of the gift was perfect, coming after we found out we'd been matched, and knowing that we're going to start shelling out a lot of money in the near future for all the final costs of the adoption (lawyer fees, travel expenses, in-country fees and expenses, etc.), so it was like God knew we needed a reminder that He is still in control of it all and we'll have what we need, when we need it. #WeAreThankful

RECEIVED: $12,136
REMAINING: $7,864or $8,300 -- after Fees.

AMAZON REGISTRY UPDATE... With the news that we had been matched, we also received 70+ pages of information (some old, some new) about the 5 kids. To reflect this info, I've added new items to the list now that we know more about their interests (like drawing/painting/art supplies) and sizes (like the fact that the oldest girl is 3" taller than Carrie!). It's so fun to get to know more about these kids and discover what makes them tick, what their dreams and goals are, and to think and pray about how we can best support and encourage them going forward. The registry now reflects that a bit better: http://www.amazon.com/registry/baby/3FMEV8P5KVDOSNOTE: If you're friends with us on Facebook, we've been posting photos of every gift we've received in our "Virtual Shower" album - go on over and take a look as it's being updated on a regular basis! :) 

FAQ of the WEEK... "Who are the kids?"

Until we were officially matched, we'd been pretty quiet about names and ages, as it could still fall through. Now that we've been officially matched we're sharing a tiny bit more, but not much (like names or pictures) until we are in country and they have been officially adopted. However, for now I can tell you that "R" is 11 (almost 12 - and tall!), "S" just turned 8, "G" is 6, "C" (who is the "Little Brother") is 5, and "J" is 3 (almost 4). I can also tell you we've seen new photos and - bias aside - they are adorable. :) 

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