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HOLD PLEASE... we finally found out that the original information we had been given (that the kids would find out this week about us) was incorrect. As it stands, the kids won't find out about us until JULY 20th (at the earliest), which means we have about 3 weeks to go before they find out that they won't be separated, that we exist, and that we've been matched. 

THE POSITIVE... from the additional reams of paperwork we were given earlier this month, we have seen that their (Catholic) orphanage appears to have a lot of outdoor space and a large play area - running and playing is encouraged, and the kids sound like they are receiving good care from the orphanage workers, teachers, and counselors. It's not ideal, but it could definitely be worse. 

SO AFTER THAT... from that date of July 20th (when they - hopefully - have their first meeting with the in-country social worker), it will take another month+ for them to go through the preparation/counseling required and provided by the country's child welfare department. 

THE POSITIVE... with all the dates moving forward, that gives us more time to earn/raise the $9,000 that we are still lacking.

WHICH MEANS... the potential final meeting between the kids and the social worker would take place on AUGUST 24th, and gives us a travel window of the last week in August, but more probably early September. That's a full three months later than we originally anticipated traveling, but not any later than God expected, so we're looking at the positives and moving forward. :) 


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