Short and Sweet

LAST WEEK... absolutely nothing to report. Just WAITING.

THIS WEEK... we added $650 to our adoption fund (THANK YOU!!), and I (Carrie) spent 4 days removing tags and washing ALL of the clothes for all 5 kids. I suspect our water bill will be increasing. ;) 

NEXT WEEK... the kids finally find out we exist. We still don't know if we'll be able to Skype with them before we travel or not.

TRAVEL DATES... still unknown, but looking like early September right now, which would put us back home in mid-October.

WE STILL NEED... items from our Amazon registry, if you're so inclined:http://www.amazon.com/registry/baby/3FMEV8P5KVDOSFINANCIAL CHECK-IN... $7613.46 away from our total goal (plus credit card payment processing fees from YouCaring), and $214 from our next YouCaring checkpoint ($13k). 


* For the kids - next week will be life changing for them. 
* For us - as we continue to seek God's guidance to grow as Believers and prepare as parents to raise these 5 kids.
* For the social worker in Costa Rica - to know Jesus, and have wisdom as she prepares our kids for the adoption.

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