One Month Update

It's been one month since we first (hesitantly) opened this donation account, and we're almost 1/4th of the way to our goal! We stand in awe of God, humbled by the support of friends, family, and strangers, and encouraged by the notes and cards that we have received along the way. THANK YOU!

Shares have slowed down a bit, so if you are so inclined and would like to do something to help today, we'd be honored if you would share the link with your online communities and help us spread the word about this story that God is writing.

ADOPTION UPDATE: This coming Monday we're meeting with a new social worker (our former social worker moved on from the agency) to reopen our home study and make the additions that would allow us to take this sibling group of 5 children. Please pray all goes smoothly and the paperwork is processed quickly. As you might recall, our original home study took 19 months to complete, so we're praying these changes go a bit faster than that. :) 

Even though we have not officially been matched, we're preparing as much as possible for what the future could hold. We've been working on setting up the little boy's room, organizing the girl's closet, and cleaning out the house to find space for what had been stored in the guest bedroom-turned-boy-room. Life continues to keep us on our toes... and I'm quite sure that won't stop anytime soon! Over the past two weeks we've also collected our necessary paperwork and background checks (for the 3rd time!) and those have now been sent down to our agency, so as much as it is within our power, things are progressing. Thanks for your prayers!

For those who have asked:
 we are working on getting "adoption registries" set up (not exactly the same thing as a baby registry!), but are holding on sharing those links until we've been officially accepted by Costa Rica, and officially matched with this set of 5 siblings. We'll keep you posted.

Grateful for your care and support. #AdoptionTeam

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