Do You Hear The Crickets?

ADOPTION UPDATE: {crickets} We're still in a holding pattern with U.S. Immigration, and until that paperwork is complete, we cannot move into the official matching phase. PRAY FOR PATIENCE.

FINANCES: We received several donations this week (THANK YOU!), bringing us just $729 away from the next milestone ($12,000). It's been a while since I've said what this money is going towards (outside of "the adoption"), so to be very clear, some of what it will help cover:

  • The remainder of our adoption agency fees
  • Lawyer/Legal fees (in country)
  • Paperwork fees
  • Medical exams (in country)
  • 2 plane tickets there + 5 more (one-way) to come home
  • Housing (in country), with the 5 kids for 6+ weeks, and meals
Having already paid out around $40k (from 2013-2015) in fees and house prep, I admit that it's overwhelming at times, but we are so very grateful for the way you have come alongside of us to help since February. We have been humbled and blessed as we have watched how God has added to our savings for these next expenses.

A friend asked this week if there was a "bonus" to bringing home 5 at once. After I stopped laughing, I realized it was a good question. 

  • YES - it's a BONUS (in our minds) to keep 5 siblings together.
  • YES - we're not paying for 5 separate home studies with fingerprints, background checks, and medicals for every one.
  • YES - while there are fees associated with adopting more than one child, they are less, and over three - non existent.
  • YES - because we get to witness how God provides for us, and these children. 
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