Just Keep Holding...

ADOPTION UPDATE: Still in our never-ending holding pattern. Still waiting on U.S. Immigration. Apparently that "glitch" that we found out about a few weeks ago set us back a little more than we realized. At this point, it looks like mid-July would be the earliest we will travel, so that gives us more time to prepare and raise funds and add to our savings through our jobs, so even in the midst of this frustration, there are still positives. 

* Please keep praying - that we would remain patient, that things would happen in God's perfect timing, and that we would see His hand in all of this. 
FUNDING UPDATE: We're still holding at $8,729 for what we need. Thanks to all who shared our update last week! We appreciate you helping us spread the word. 

* NOTE to those who have donated offline and through YouCaring: THANK YOU. Words fail us to express our gratitude for your generosity towards this life event. We've talked about it a lot, and how your giving has changed us, humbled us, and given us a desire to be a similar channel to fund others (in the adoption journey) in the future. Thank you for being a part of this story.

WALK UPDATE: *Quick version - not happening.* After talking with a couple of friends who handle these events for a living, and then talking to our city and trail managers, we realized it wasn't a good fit. Getting more details of what would be required gave us added peace about saying, "this isn't right for us" and confirmed the unrest that we had about doing it. You have to listen to those gut feelings sometimes. Thank you to those who talked with us, and those who expressed interest. We're not sure if we'll try something else instead, but next time we'll hold off saying anything until it's set in stone. :) 

REGISTRY: We have been so humbled by those who have purchased items from our registry on Amazon! This past weekend I realized that even though I'd set it up, I'd failed to make us "searchable" by the public. That has now been corrected, and people have been exceedingly generous to us, and our kids. (Anyone interested in seeing the gifts can find photos on Facebook of, what I'm referring to as, our "virtual adoption shower.") Thank You notes are in process. :) For those of you following the "swing set saga" - we registered for swing set components instead and will be building our own. ;)

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