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FINANCIAL UPDATE: Thank you to all who have given and shared the link to our YouCaring page. We're still about $8700 away from our goal, but continue to add to our personal savings (through our jobs & book sales) and trust that God will provide what we need, when we need it. And as I told a family member this week: we don't need it yet, so I'm not worried. :) We are over $11k closer than we were - and that's truly stunning to us. Your generosity has blessed and encouraged us - thank you.

IN OTHER NEWS: While we continue to wait, the adoption agency (U.S. side) has given us some things to work on - like selecting 5 small toys/gifts per child (you do the math - that's 25 gifts total!) that will fit in a Ziploc bag with a personal note from us. Once we have been officially matched with the kids, we send these bags down to the agency, and they send them on to the representatives in country, who then give them to the children. Their first interaction with us... their first sense of who we are and what their future could be like. NO PRESSURE. ;) Over the last 3+ years, the adoption agency reps have learned that Peter and I need time to think and process through things (even something as seemingly simple as TOYS), so they have kindly given us a heads up even though we're still about a month out from needing it. If only the kids would do the same once they get here... ;) 

AMAZON REGISTRY: Full Disclosure - Peter and I are having a BALL getting your gifts!! We've read all the books, tried out all the toys, and tried to remember that when the kids come, we have to share. ;) THANK YOU for your generosity to our kids through your Amazon shopping! If you're planning to purchase something but aren't sure what we need most, I have tried to mark our top needs as "High" in the priority category. If you visit the page (http://www.amazon.com/registry/baby/3FMEV8P5KVDOS), look for the "Category" drop down menu, and select "Priority (high to low)" to see what's on the most needed list. 

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