More Than We Could Imagine

It's been one week since we originally shared how God brought us from "happily childless" to "let's take 5 kids!" In that week our story has been sharing over 600 times online, and 17 people have donated more than $2800 towards our adoption expenses. As "realists," neither of us were expecting that kind of response; if we were looking for additional confirmation that this was God's plan for us, we certainly have it after the last 7 days! 

What has surprised us the most are the individuals who have felt led to be a part of this adventure. Had we sat down and made a list of people to talk to about it, it would have felt like a huge stretch to include those who have joined with us. In fact, most of those who have made a donation, we would never have told at all. God has such a delightful way of reminding us that WE don't know what HE has planned. WE don't know who HE wants to use to encourage us along the journey - including total strangers, and WE don't know how HE wants to use this story to encourage OTHERS. To all who have donated and shared - thank you. Thank you for joining us, thank you for allowing God to use you, thank you for being a "pipe" to channel His resources. We are humbled, we are blessed, and we will pass it on when this is complete. 

NOTE: We did want to share with you that we aren't just sitting back and waiting for the money to come in. We are both continuing to add to our savings through the jobs and extra work that God has provided. You may not know that I (Carrie) work as a freelance copy editor in addition to my contractor work as a book promoter with a social media company. SO...

If you need an editor for blogs, emails, newsletters, or websites, please feel free to reach out to me via my professional websiteAnything that I make - whether it's through ongoing contract work or one-time jobs - goes towards our adoption fund, and I'm grateful to be able to contribute monetarily by using the skills God has given me. Tell your friends!

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